Nicolás Enrique Chávez Manduley

My name is Nicolás Enrique Chávez Manduley; I broke into this profession; through the need I had to write a Cuban novel, as recognition to the Cuban in the exile. The efforts the Cubans have done, to survive a tough exile that is extended longer than fifty years.

It needs to be seeing as an extreme accomplishment of the incredible goal conquered by them in America. Manny of us have shown to the world the strength we have, and the capacity of creativity we possess as professionals. The circumstances taught me a lot, beside the fact that amazing human beings helped me. When I was a kid, I was concern to become a writer. Because I wanted to communicate adventures produced by my imagination, as a boy. Unfortunately, the reality oversees my imagination, and later I learned that always reality is above whatever fantasy I could have into my mind. Sometimes, succeed is equal to hard work, plus grief, nothing is easy.

It has been the experience of my people that once were tossed to an adventure, which they never imagined results so painful. The unexpected consequences suffered by The Island was a complete harass, who led the best of the people to struggle by causing the discord among their own brothers, and introduced the unfaithful relationship among the families.