Why to Add the Poor Idea

Of course, there are many undeveloped countries arround the world, and they strougle hard, in order to improve their economies, while at the same time they are fighting for minimazing their respectives nationals burocrasy and political corruptions. Nonetheless, those who lives in high developed countries do not need to be applied into this denigrated categorirization by individuals or group of individuals which want to esterotype them as victims, neither should they accepted than others remark this kind of characterization upon them. Rather, we need to talk about the so call “poor people” that others claims should been supported and protected. Following this interpretation we can ask; Why? Because according to the reality those people are in very advance advantages in relation with the ones in the undeveloped coutries, and indee they do not need that false rethoric to be use in their suposely desadvanteges.


Author: nicolasenrique

I am Nicolas and is my concern to open communication with everyone who like to be involve with culture and art.

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