Myths and Books


It results amazing how Paul Ryan can represent to all Republicans in the Congress, if he is struggling with his own conscience about the decision made but the Americans. Why this individual do not do any thing good, and pass most of his time going from one place to other criticizing Donald Trump as a psychopathic demon. Without any conscience and for his own sake, he is trying to disrupt the Republican Party, so why is the purpose for us to maintain this guy speaking for us, I do not belief a single word of him, and neither I trust his motivation.

Liberalism Image of Lyes

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Traditionally, politicians is a synonymous of weakness and corruption. Frequently, you could see individuals without any good background, struggling to obtain a relevance among others under any circumstances. Actually, they constantly are trying to sell themselves as public savers, when they really are keeping hidden and obscure personal agendas. Principally, when their intentions is to control anyone’s freedom of action and speech against other igneous individuals; then, they would enforced others to bend their bags down, in order to make people to change their will. These kind of people are demagogious and very dangerous for society.

Became Lier by calling Lie to a Truth.  

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Mr. Shepherd Smith, is a lier when he said President Trump is a lire because Trump extended his communication about his decition of fire foremer FBI Director James Comey. Well, Mr. Smith is partial when he is trying to convince his audiences in opposition to the true by sujesting  the first Trump  version and the second are contradictories, this is not necessary a lie; rather than say that one or both are lies, enstead of say both are extension true, made him to be partial and lied.